hohe Kapazitäten und maximale Wertschöpfung

The versatility of this system comprises different board manipulation solutions,
various scanning systems including grade scanning and the selection between
different flexible top arbor saw units for almost all requirements.

Lumber infeed to the Optimes is possible from the left or right side and also from
both sides.

The scanning system

The precision scanning system consists of 2 cameras and 4 laser units for an optical
scanning of board top and bottom side in linear mode. Turning of the boards before
scanning is not necessary.

A configuration with quality scanner or X-Ray measurement is possible according to
customer requirements.

The geometry scanning of the lumber cross section is done with 800 scans per second
and a width resolution of + / -1 mm. The scanning principle is largely insensitive
against common lumber discoloring.

Optionally, the scanning system can be fitted with additional units and sensors for an
automatic grade.

Board unscrambling

Boards from the transfer conveyor are separated by an S-shaped chain cross conveyor.
A rotating cam and a flipper kick out the leading board in case of a double occupancy of
the conveyor bars. A faster running cross conveyor takes the board after the unscrambling
process and feeds it to the grading and board handling station.

Grading and board handling station

At this position, the operator can influence the further processing of a board, with the
following possibilities:

  • Input of a quality / grade information
  • Decision for a specific board alignment
  • Turning of a board to grade the 2nd face.
  • Input of a trim back decision
  • Activation of the drop-out gate for reject pieces
  • Feed back to the board separator

Board trimming

A 0-line trim saw and driven feed rollers allow to trim back the fish tail end of a board by
0.5 – 1.5 m upon operator command to avoid further problems because of the slab end.
For special applications the boards can be trimmed to a desired finished length or cross-cut
into several short boards for packaging/pallet board production. These short boards are fed
together into the edger infeed after trimming but are scanned and edged as individual

Board loading and centering on the infeed table

In front of the infeed table, optical sensors measure the contour and the thickness of the
unedged board. Thereafter, the boards are automatically positioned either by program
default or by operator command. They are either centered mechanically, positioned
according to the usable area or aligned to the left or right side.

Linear transport

Pre-positioned top press rollers and a top hold down chain after the scanner provide a
precise linear transport of the boards through the scanning system and up to the saws.
Therefore, the scanning and optimization results are executed very precisely.

The optimization system

The PC processes the scan signals and compares top and bottom board face. The parameters
for the value optimization can be easily adapted by either the operator or the mill manage-
ment to match the actual production needs.

The input parameters for edging optimization:

  • Input of lumber species and grade
  • Input of product dimensions with respective product value
  • Input of allowed wane, by width, height and length, separate values for
    left and right side, for each product quality
  • Input of product priority
  • Automatic detection of 4-sided (finished) products

The operation

Depending on the requirements and capacity, the control of the system is done on the
machine (partially automated system) or from a control cabin (automated system). An
ergonomic, comfortable operator chair is an integral part of these systems.


eWood is a comprehensive optimisation and application software from EWD. All modern
EWD sawlines and machines share the same eWood user interface.

The interface man – machine offers an intuitive and consistent user concept, allowing
effective use of the functions after just a short training period.

  • Most modern measuring technology
  • Professional optimization and application software

In addition to solid and time-proven mechanical engineering, efficient system controls are
essential prerequisites for the high efficiency and yield of the EWD technology.


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