for boards, flitches and cants

Universal edger optimizer and resaw system

The edger optimizer system Combimes provides steady performance class of
up to 24 boards per minute. Its robust design ensures superior production and
yield figures, even under tough conditions.

The Combimes can be used for a wide variety of production tasks thanks to
different models of edger and combination edger/resaw units available.

Depending on the mechanical design, the operator can turn the products at
his workplace, trim and enter quality information or lumber species.

Various configurations in the field of product manipulation and feeding enable
the user to find the most optimal installation for himself.

Partially automated with operation on the machine or automated with operation
from a cabin are decisive advantages.


Depending on the mechanical design, the operator can turn the products at
his workplace, trim and enter quality information or lumber species. The
scanning takes place in the integrated cross transport with 2 dogs, with which
the products are then aligned and transferred directly to the longitudinal trans-
port in the saw.

The scanning

The cross-sections of the products are scanned to determine the top surface
by means of laser triangulation from top. Depending on the design, products
with a thickness of up to 120 mm or 225 mm can be scanned.

When using single lasers, the distance and number of scan points can be
selected, from 13 lasers for 6 m workpiece length in the standard version
up to 25 lasers. Optionally, a laser scanner is available from bottom,
eliminating the need to turn the products.

Alternatively, the system can be equipped with a full contour scanning system
for special requirements.

The mechanic

The chains of the measuring and depositing cross conveyor are controlled
independently with frequency converters for the defined transport of the
product with dogs and are positioned..The transport speed is selected
depending on the product thickness. Reflective photo eyes installed in the
feed table determine the approximate board length. Based on the result the
required active chain runs are selected.

The feed speed of the infeed chain adjusts itself automatically depending on
the lumber thickness and the number of saws cutting. The speed may be
limited or e.g. be reduced for winter operation.

All skewing and lifting movements of the infeed table are hydraulically

Board manipulation

Before handing over to the infeed table, the products can be turned or rejected
with a hydraulically operated device, which at the same time serves as a slab
flap. At the partially automated trimming station, the boards are then usually
cut to the final length on the top end with the integrated 0-saw.

Further possibilities:

  • End slab saw at approx. 3 m with ejection of the remaining piece
    within the operation zone
  • Separating and end slab saw for board separation into 2 pieces or
    discharge of remaining pices
  • Liftable and lowerable driven aligning rollers for manipulating heavy
    products or for moving a separated board

For higher performance requirements, a separate board manipulation with
automatic functions can be installed in front of a Combimes. This board
manipulation is remote-controlled by the operator from a cabin. For reasons
of capacity, a faulty slab cutting to approximate length is usually made only
if necessary.

Wane-parallel sawing

With appropriate mechanisation with a product guide, thanks to the free
alignment possibilities of a Combimes system, fibre-parallel value wood
cuts can be made in 2 passes along the outer contour with residual piece
in the middle.