Trimming und Edging System

Trimming und Edging System for boards, flitches and cants.

Innovation and revolution for small to medium sized sawmills.

Unscrambling and manipulation

After the unscrambling process the product is transported to the grading and
board manipulation area on a sharp chain without dogs.

For the infeed system, no flushline is required.

The operator has the following possibilities:

  • Turning of a board to grade the 2nd face. Activation of the drop-out gate
    for reject pieces. Optional end slab pre-cutting.
  • Return transport to the unscrambler.

No further interventions are necessary.

The modern optimization and user software eWood supports the operator.

Board measurement

Board, flitch or cant profiles are scanned in cross transfer by a continuous optical
measuring system.

Slabs or parts of slabs will be recognized by the board measurement and can there-
fore be cut off.

An integration of an image processing system for grade scanning is possible.

The top measurement automatically detects thickness, tength and width of the wane.
The PC full optimization selects the optimum cutting pattern according to this data.

Automatically positioned saw carraige units take over the product during the transfer
and perform a crosscut (trimmer function), rectangular to the calculated board edge
and to the final length.

After positioning on the CET Infeed Table according to the optimization result, the
product is sawn in the edger.

Different combinations of machines within the system with edgers and resaw circular
saws, chipping and profiling units are possible.

Function partial board/saddle board

The board is separated in length on the basis of the measured data in such a way that
optimum value is created. Both boards are transferred to the infeed table without any
loss of time.