600 Stroke Oscillating Frame Sash Gang

Heavy-duty sash gang for the use in medium to large sawmills

Feed drive system

The sash gang saw is equipped with a hydraulic feed drive with variable speed control
over the full speed range. In combination with the automatic overhang adjustment the
feed speed for an optimum relation between saw speed and relative feed speed is
achieved. The rubbing of the saw blades is eliminated as much as possible which results
in a good lumber surface quality.


Automatic overhang adjustment

The overhang of the sash frame is automatically adjusted according to the selected feed
speed. Maintenance free spindles and worm gears adjust the overhang plates.


Upper sash guides

The upper sash guides are water-cooled by a cooling unit and a closed water circuit to
reduce wear and ensure smooth running of the machine.



The rollers are split and/or fitted with easily changeable inserts.



The sash gang HDN has the same spacing of the anchor bolts as the models SS71 and
HDE. For an exchange the minimum foundation volume required must be observed.


Main drive

Up to 110 kW drive motors, the sash gang HDN is fitted with fix and idle pulleys for
shifting of the drive belt. For bigger drive motors (up to 160 kW) the sash gang saw
is fitted with a fix pulley for direct drive.


Hydraulic system

The lifting and lowering and the drive of the feed rollers uses hydraulic power.
The hydraulic system is composed of standard components, using a modular
principle. All parts such as electric motors, pumps and valves are grouped in a
central hydraulic system, separated from the sash gang saw and easily accessible.

The saw dust shaker and the central lubrication system have separate drives and
therefore can be used even when the machine is not running.


Hydraulic shifting saw banks

Optionally the sash gang HDN is available with a symmetric hydraulic shifting saw
bank system „SV“. Optionally also available with the Vario SV4 quad width adjustment.
The adjustment of the saw banks is possible from the operator control panel during
normal operation.


Additional equipment HDN

  • USF Remote controlled log feed system
  • ZE-F Centering and infeed table
  • KSB Sideboard cross cut saw
  • AVER Outfeed and splitting device
  • MAS Balancing unit