Flexible double arbor circular saw for primary and secondary breakdown
with excess height cutters and hydraulically height-adjustable saw arbors.

The flexible double arbor circular saw unit DWK 700 is used as primary-, secondary
break down or combination machine in medium to large sawmills. In total 6 pairs
of saw heads can be positioned individually with very precise servo-hydraulic

For a uniform distribution of the actual sawing heights on top and bottom saw blades,
the saw arbors are automatically positioned in height. For use as a primary break
down machine, the DWK 700 is fitted with excess height cutters, which are adjusted
in height together with the saw arbors. This tool arrangement enables a very efficient
sawing operation of even large diameter logs.

Flexible double arbor circular saw DWK with excess height cutters

The DWK log and cant circular resaws are characterised by a wide range of
applications and enormous flexibility, substituting frame saws.

Advantages compared to a traditional frame saw operation:

  • More center product yield, less side boards
  • High sawing accuracy
  • Super circular sawn lumber finish
  • No vibrations
  • Small foot print and less mechanization around required
  • Relieves the operator at the edger optimizer
  • Increases the throughput at the „bottleneck machine“ edger
    optimizer considerably
  • Increased overall availability of the sawmill by chipping all
    slabs on the log or cant
  • Optimum integration of the operator in the process flow