For efficient and economically optimized trimming

OptiTrimm – customized trimming

OptiTrimm means optimized trimming: recovery or value-oriented production
of defined finished lengths according to customer specifications.

  • cut the board length as commanded by the scanning/optimization system
  • cross-cut saws are driven by an electric motor
  • the force is transferred by means of poly-V belts, which are installed in fully
    closed housings
  • servo-hydraulic stop
  • connection for a dust extraction system
  • For tool change and maintenance, front and back covers are opened hydraulically
    for easy access.
  • saw blades can be locked for tool change.
  • destruction cuts for misdirected products or boards with edging solution

cross-cut saws

The cross-cut saws are driven by an electric motor. The force is transferred to the saw blade
by means of poly-V belts.

The belts are installed in fully closed housings, which can easily be opened for maintenance

During operation the machine housing is closed. A connection to a dust extraction system is