Align and infeed system ZE 2

Scan - Optimise - Rotate - Align

The completely new designed align and infeed system ZE 2 with top-mounted
skewing frame and top activated roller pairs offers many advantages:

  • The modular design allows the optimum adaption to the requirements of
    all kinds of log and two-sided cant infeed systems in modern industrial
  • Easy deflection of bark and broken lumber pieces as well as dirt and ice.
  • Easy access for routine checks and maintenance works.
  • Easy change of transport chains and rollers.
  • Less cleaning required, in particular of moving components.

Align and position

Logs can be rotated very precisely in their required orientation, following a 3D
true shape scanning and optimisation, at highest feed speeds and with minimum
log gap.

The logs are positioned either to machine centre line, parallel side shift or diagonally
to the machine centre line, depending on their shape and sweep.

The cant alignment is done based on 3D scanning and sawing pattern optimisation,
again parallel to the machine centre line or diagonally to the machine centre line.
The ZE 2 allows increasing the recovery by sawing of logs and cants with asymmetric
cutting patterns to get the most out of them.

Only two servo-hydraulic setworks are required to perform optimised log and two
-sided cant orientation with skew and shift in straight sawing mode.

Curve sawing mode is made by means of a sliding frame with servo axis.