Combimes BNK2-6-225

Strong cross-sections (up to 700mm) - high quantities (up to 27 boards)

One that can do it all
Since September 2021, the new EWD edger and re-cutter system
Combimes-BNK2-6-225 has been in operation at the Mariana Luigi
company in northern Italy. The special feature of the system is that
it can be used both for thick cross-sections as a trimming machine
as well as for side trimming with high throughput.

The special feature of the line - extremely flexible and fast
The Combimes-BNK at Mariana saws timber up to a cross-section
of 225 x 700 mm with five variable dimensions. At the same time
the same saw blades can be used to trim side panels with a
thickness of 24 mm.

Technical data

Edging and resaw system Combimes BNK-225/6 with sideboard deck and 2nd
deck for cants and flitches

Sawing mode: small end ahead
Feed speed max.: 25 - 225m/min
Sawing height: 17 – 225mm
Cross measurement: with 24 top and bottom laser measuring units
Lumber length IN: 2,5 bis 6,0m
Lumber width unedged: 100 bis 700mm
Sideboard thickness: 17 bis 60mm
Flitches thickness: 60 bis 160mm
Cant thickness: 135 bis 225mm
Blade sleeves adjustable: 6 Stück
Saw arbors speed: 24001/min
Saw arbors drive: 2x 132kw


- Maintenance platform
- Prepared with suction socket

eWood optimisation and application software

eWood is a comprehensive optimisation and application software from EWD.
The interface man – machine offers an intuitive and consistent user concept,
allowing effective use of the



Circular edger and resaw BNK2-225-6

Technical data

Feed speed max.: 20 - 180 m/min
Saw blade diameter: 450 - 700 mm
Sawing height ø 580 mm: 100 mm
Special design  
Maximum Sawing height: 160 mm
Possible board length min: 1,0 m
Saw arbors drive: 2 x 75 - 132 kW
Weight including drive motors approx.: 12 t

Saw set distances