Universal fast infeed carriage system to feed the sash gang with logs
and 2 sided cants with remote control.

The remote control and the various manipulation possibilities
for logs and 2 sided cants are a strong recommendation for
the new developed fast infeed system USF.

The universal remote controlled fast infeed carriage USF is designed to
feed all kinds of sash gangs without gap with logs and 2 sided cants at
a high infeed speed. The modular design of the USF with identical end
cross sections, axles and V log/cant turners for carriage and auxiliary
carriage enable a simple integration of optional additional parts, also

In addition to the stepless adjustable track width from 980 to 1310 mm,
also the V turners on carriage and auxiliary carriage, with a V angle of
2 x 31° to rotate the log, are included in the basic equipment. To catch
up with the previous log a fast forward speed of up to 60 m/min closes
the gap between the logs. A fast return speed of up to 120 m /min on a
defined log loading position guarantees a continuous flow of logs, even
at high infeed speeds. On customer request the USF can be equipped
with side shifting V turners for carriage and auxiliary carriage, a cant
turner or auxiliary clamping arms.