Cost-efficient oscillating frame sash gang for the use in medium-
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Robust, powerful and easy to operate oscillating frame sash
gang HDE-S for the efficient sawing of hard- and softwood

The mark of the oscillating frame sash gang HDE-S is the high quality
and reliability of the machine. The frame saw is equipped with an
oscillating frame and an automatic overhang adjustment.

This ensures advantageous sawing conditions without rubbing of the
saw blades. Besides the standard model with 4 feed rollers a model
with 8 feed rollers for the sawing of short logs (min. 1 m) or for curve
sawing is available. Optionally the sash gang HDE-S is available with
a two-sided hydraulic shifting saw bank system „SV“.

Additional data

Brochure HDE-S (PDF)