Combi TELine
Trimming and Edging System for boards, flitches and cants
Innovation and revolution in small and medium sized sawmills.

  • Constant performance and added value
  • Modern optimization and user software eWood
  • PC-full optimization of the products in width, length value
  • Toothed chains with feeding without dogs and EWD patented stop hooks
  • Decoupling of the manipulation zone of the measuring and aligning zone
  • 0-line, alignment of products not necessary
  • Trimming function, boards and cants are cut to final length with a rectangular cross cut
  • Integration of image processing for quality measuring possible
  • Combination of edging and resaw circular saws, edging and profiling units within the system possible
  • Online-system without singulizer and operator for certain application sectors
  • Reduction of operator intervention