FR15 V
Profiling unit

Profiling with vertically arranged profiling heads, for variable board
position and width

FR15V profiling unit does the profiling of one side board per side. Profiling is
done with vertically arranged profiling heads. The profiling heads may be fit-
ted for a variable chip length up to 30 mm with 2 or 4 knives on the tool
circumference. For the production of pellet chips and for lumber without fiber
tear out and extraordinary long tool usage times the P-System heads, developed together with LEUCO, will be used. The horizontal and vertical positioning of
profiling heads is done by fast and high precision servo-hydraulic setworks.

Tool change access by walk-in moveable change platform.

 Technical data    
 Log/cant length min.  m  2,4
 Drive power profiling heads  kW  2 x 75 - 132
 Weight incl. drive motors  t  16
 Machine opening tool change  mm  950
 Feed speed  m/min.  150