FR15 S
Profiling unit

Profiling with vertically arranged profiling heads and preceding
notching saws

The pulp and paper industry requires for their process optimization
and the best paper quality a high and homogenous chip quality.
The use of preceding notching saws avoid the generation of “comma”
chips. The profiling chips produced by the FR15S reach the maximum
chip quality achievable for this process.

For the individual optimum recovery of each side board, the profiling
unit FR15S can perform diagonal profiling of the boards. The profiling
heads are positioned and tilted for each board individually, based on
the 3D scanner data and optimization results. The precise closed loop
motion control system allows achieving the maximum recovery while
always using the maximum wane allowance programmed.

 Technical data
 Log/cant length min.  m  2,4
 Drive power saw motors  kW  4 x 50 - 65
 Drive power profiling heads  kW  2 x 75 - 132
 Weight incl. drive motors  t  36
 Tool change stroke
 mm  950
 Feed speed max.  m/min.  200