Flexible top arbor combination of edger- and gang-circularsaw for sawing
heights up to 120 mm

The top arbor design provides optimum sawing conditions for
highest feed speeds

The edger BKO is a top arbor machine with 2 moveable stub saw arbors,
each holding one saw blade. Additionally 1 or 2 moveable saw sleeves
can be installed and moved on the saw arbors (BKO 3, BKO 4).

With one rip saw head per side and movement via telescopic saw arbor,
in total 6 moveable saw heads are possible (BKO 6). The saws are set
with servo-hydraulic setworks. The machine design provides full clearance
to the bottom for the discharge of sawdust, with most of the machine com-
ponents installed outside the edger side walls.