Double arbor circular resaw with fix-mounted saw blades

Universal double arbor circular resaw for the packaging
lumber industry for the resawing of 2- and 4-sided cants,
with individual height adjustment of the saw arbors by 2
electric motors.

The NKU 150 unit is designed for short lumber length and
small saw kerfs for sawing heights up to 160 mm.
The solid and robust design is exceptional for this application
and allows the use of powerful drive motors, giving superior
performance with highest reliability and precision.

 Sawing height  mm  40 – 160
 Passage height  mm  180
 Cant length min.  m  1,0 (0,8)
 Cant width max.  mm  620 
 Usaable saw sleeve length  mm  615
 Machine opening infeed (with lumber guide bars)  mm  625
 Machine opening outfeed  mm  900
 Saw blade diameter top and bottom  mm  370 - 400
 Saw arbor diameter  mm  110
 Drive motor size  kW  2x160 (at 2750 1/min.)
 Feed speed max.  m  100
 Machine weight with drive motors (2x160 kW)  t  12