Flexible bandsaw system for all saw patterns, without merry-go-round,
with the smallest possible foot-print

The RoboLine allows the sawing of custom sawn timber, dimension products
and live sawing, without merry-go-round, with one bandsaw system.

The set time for a new saw pattern is extremely short. Slabs are automatically
discharged before going to the edger system. Round logs or 2-sided cants are
clamped on a driven carriage rail and fixed during the sawing process until cut
direction is changed. This process provides a very good sawing accuracy. No
merry-go-round system for resawing is required.

Log rotation and alignment of the log or cant are supported by the OptiLine
system on the PC screen. There the saw pattern selected by the optimizing
PC is displayed as well, which can be altered by the operator depending on
the log quality. The recovery of the RoboLine is considerable better compared
to similar circular saw systems because of the log alignment possibility along
the log center line and the narrow saw kerf.

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